Everett Sapp

Senior at Beekmantown High School

Mid Atlantic

Junior National Championships: 4

Interview by Amy Cheney-Seymour

How do you feel about competing at your hometown venue?

I think it is really exciting, especially because we get to train on it year round. We use the roller-ski loop in the summer and in the winter train here and at Mt Van Hovenberg. It is really fun to see everyone from all over the country come to Lake Placid and experience our town and our community which has  a deep passion for Nordic sports.


Think back to the feelings you had as a youth racer, do you experience any of the same emotions today?

I’ve been ski racing since I could ski at all. Growing up in an area that embodies Nordic skiing has been really fun. I guess the feelings are about the same, I am a little nervous, a little excited to just see how fast I can go today.


What is one goal you have for JN’s this year?

One hope I have is to possibly earn a top ten finish. I have been able to do it in past JN’s and a top result here would be really exciting.


Which event are you looking forward to most?

Definitely the classic sprint. Classic skiing is the most enjoyable for me cuz that is how I learned to ski on classic skis. That combined with the sprint and thinking about tactics are the most exciting, especially with the long downhill where ski speed and drafting will definitely play a huge role.


Do your friends at Beekmantown High School have any idea about this week’s competition?  

Not many of my friends are nordic skiers, but they are athletes. They do understand the level of competition and have been wishing me well. Hopefully some of them will have time to come over and watch some of the races.


What is your family background in sport?

My parents are from Tupper Lake and both ski raced at St Lawrence University and then joined the ARMY. The both skied for Biathlon while in the military.


What advice would you give to a youth skier?

Stick with it! Competing in Nordic skiing gives you such a huge sense of accomplishment. The amount of energy you put into it is really satisfying, and also the community of people you meet just as a skier is just unbelievable. I have made friends from all over the country. It is great to have a group of people who have the same values as you, they are really nice and they open their arms to you wherever you go.


Who was your greatest influence or support as a skier?

Really both my parents and coaches have been the ones to push me, but also encourage me to do what I wanted to do. They have been really supportive helping me through different channels I want to pursue.


Good Luck Everett!