Lillian Fisher

School: Stratton Mountain/ Junior

Team: New England

Junior Nationals: 3

Interview by Amy Cheney-Seymour

I met up with the very articulate and vivacious Lillian Fisher today after her 10 K Classic.  Lillian is a wonderful representative for Nordic sports and her parents, school and team should be proud.

Now that the week is more than half over, can you reflect on your preparation for Junior Nationals? Do you think you were prepared physically, mentally and emotionally for a week long meet?

LF: I am pleased with my results this week. I have been doing pretty well. I was prepared coming in I put in a lot of training. I just remember those tough summer workouts and that is what got me here.

Today’s race was the 10k classic. How did you do out there?

LF: It was definitely hard, the course is basically a triangle, up then down. It was super fun, definitely, the tracks were good and I am happy with my 39th place.

What kind of pre-race routine do you follow?

LF: It is definitely different every time because life throws you different things and you cannot always do the exact same thing every time. I wake up about 3 hours before my race, have breakfast and jam out to some music and do a little dance with my friends. Glitter is a necessity, so lot of dancing and glitter just to get the spirits up. Then come to the race and a lot of visualization as well.  Then once we’re at the race, it is game time.

As an overall experience at your third Junior National Championships how is the meet here in Lake Placid going?

LF: I love it, there is a great vibe and there is lots to do after races. The chill zone is sweet, the courses are awesome and the snow it is holding up.

What is your hope for tomorrow’s relay?

LF:I am really excited about the relay. We are not sure what our teams are, but I want to be on a really good team. I of course want a top ten, but anything is awesome as long as I ski well. You’re with your teammates and you’re already here at JN’s.

Who is someone who had a positive influence on you during your ski career?

LF: Going to Stratton I get to ski with Sophie Caldwell and Jessie (Diggins) a lot in the summer. They have played a big role, especially in those tough bounding workouts when they are like “Come on, go, go you’ve got this!” They have done so much for cross country skiing, especially for young girls and women. It is just really exciting to know them personally.

What advice would you give to a young skier?

LF: Definitely keep with it, just go out there and honestly have fun, keep it fun, not to intense. Find friends to do workouts with, but at first just keep it fun.

Lastly, after the races are over and you are at the dance, what song do you wanna here?

LF: (laughs) That is a tough one! Um, definitely something by Kesha or Taylor Swift.


Best of Luck to Lillian and Team New England in today’s relays!