Evan Corson U18                                                                          

Capser, Wyoming

High school: NCHS

Team: High Plains

Junior Nationals: 1st !

Interview by Amy Cheney-Seymour

I had the pleasure to interview Evan after watching him race in the 10K Classic today. A more articulate and genuine young man you will seldom meet. Evan’s family and friends should be proud of his efforts here in Lake Placid

How are you enjoying the meet so far?

EC: This is my first Junior National Championships, I didn’t make the cut last year. It has been really cool.

Have you been to Lake Placid, New York before or have you skied the east?

EC: I have never skied in the east before, but I went to New York City when I was very little. This is a lot different from Wyoming, it is a really cool experience. The snow is different, I have never really skied on manmade snow before my first race. It’s new, I have only raced on man made three times now, and it’s new. The past few days the weather has been changing a lot, so it has been interesting with the wax.

How did you get involved in Nordic skiing?

EC: In my middle school some of my friends were doing Nordic skiing and they wanted me to, so I started and I really enjoyed it. My uncle use to ski and it was just a blast. My first time on skis I was just stumbling around, but, from there to making it to Junior Nationals …I am not placing too hot in the ranking, but just being here and having this cool experience is great. If I imagine a little kid and I could tell them keep at it, you’re going to make junior nationals that would be really cool. Just to see their face light up would be great.

Who is cheering you on?

My family is watching me on the live feed back home. They are pretty excited, they text me quite a bit. I have my team here, and my coaches are really supportive.

How has Nordic skiing influenced you most as a person?

EC: Humility. Humility and determination, I would say. Because back in Wyoming I place all right, in those standards, sometime I do bad and sometimes I do really good. But you just have to be humble and stuff because that is part of racing. The discipline part is important, it is tough, it is hard. I had trouble with falling down, and I would literally have to just keep picking myself up and keep trucking. It’s been a cool experience.

Have you made any new friends from other teams?

EC: Yes, I have. High Plains is pretty close because we are small, and I have met some great people.

What are you looking forward to with the relay tomorrow?

EC: The relay is my favorite. I want to do good and put everything out there and finish the nationals with just knowing that I have nothing left to bring home. Leave everything out there.

Best of Luck to you Evan, and congratulations on your first Junior National Championship.